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June Examination


Our Year-end examination (grading) will take place over the period 06 – 09 June. A grading is a test to see if the student understands and is able to perform the work that was taught. When passed, it is recognition for the techniques that the student is able to perform and of the effort that has been given. If failed it should be an encouragement to overcome failure by applying oneself to the work at hand. Both should be an incentive to LEARN more, to TRAIN even harder AND to PERSEVERE in an endeavor in order to reach a GOAL (something that seems lacking in today’s world of easy achievements and quick results where everyone seems to be a “winner” without much effort). Some students rather stop trying than risk failure, while some students use the excuse of boredom when they cant see the goals or purpose. They all look for the easier success and several sports offer that. Unlike so many other “sports”, karate is not “played”, it is practiced! We pride ourselves on striving to be the best, but that requires commitment towards constant training, regardless the goal. Our training Syllabus is available on our website and School Communicator please be prepared!

WIERDAPARK HALL – SAT 6 June (recommended)
09:00-10:00 White Belts (All Stripes) 5 – 9 Years
10:00-11:00 White Belts (All Stripes) 10+ Years
11:30-13:00 Yellow – Blue Belts (All ages)
13:00-14:30 Purple – Brown Belts (All ages)

ROOIHUISKRAAL HALL – MON 8 June (No space inside for spectators)
14:00-15:00 White Belts (All Stripes)
17:00-18:00 White Belts (All Stripes)

14:00-15:00 White Belts (All Stripes)

White karate suit, belt and gloves.
Beginner Students may grade in shorts & T-shirt or Tracksuit.

The grading fee is R400. Please ensure that all class fees are up to date BEFORE the grading.

There are no regular classes on these days (8 & 9 June)
but after the grading classes will resume till the end of the

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